TIR Working With Children

New Workshop – Learn How to Apply TIR to Children

TIR for Children Workshop: 2 day workshop.
Prerequisite: Traumatic Incident Reduction Workshop (TIRW)

TIR for Children workshop is for those Practitioners that work with children, as well as for Practitioners who would like to work with children.

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Incorporating the use of play with TIR, this is a structural yet person-centered approach to resolving the emotional charge contained in a child’s trauma and eliminating the negative aftereffects in a brief amount of time. This workshop also teaches the technique of unblocking, especially designed for children in a language they can understand.


As demonstrated through supervised activities and examination, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the theory and practice of TIR for children
  • Compare the variations of TIR for children 6-12 and children under 6
  • Explain the theory and practice of Unblocking For Children
  • Discuss the reasoning behind modifying TIR to address children
  • Utilize communication exercises to increase rapport with clients
  • Describe the importance of using play with children