Life Stress Reduction (LSR)

Life Stress Reduction (LSR) Workshop
4 day workshop  – 24 CEC’s

Life Stress Reduction (LSR) Workshop offers a combination of effective techniques designed to focus on where the client’s attention is and what emotional pain they want to address and release.  The focus is primarily on the client’s present worries, concerns, upsets, and/or any currently re-stimulated traumatic incidents. An interview procedure is used to gather the clients information and a case plan is developed for each issue the client is interested in confronting.

In this workshop you will learn through both written work and hands-on experience.

Some of the Metapsychology LSR Methods you will learn:

  • Helps a client to view their emotional pain from different viewpoints
  • Multifaceted Upset Handling
  • Unfinished Business
  • Wrong Indications
  • Simple Unlayering
  • Loops
  • Sequential Unlayering
  • To enable the client to identify specific items/issues that are currently re-stimulated and to release them
  • Create a Life Stress case plan
  • Handling general upsets, worries and other distraction causing the   client distress in their daily lives.
  • Brief and Extensive interviews
  • Handle charge on a person with whom the client has a long-term history.
  • Body Image Program.

Life Stress Reduction (LSR) Workshop gives each participate the opportunity to demonstrate and experience each of the techniques. The LSR workshop presents a new paradigm of safety and effectiveness for helping others.